Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ticket Broker Training?

We've seen renewed interest from many people wanting to get into the Ticket Broker Game - buying and reselling tickets for a profit. using eBay and Stubhub as outlets, and Ticketmaster as a supplier, many people believe that they can make money as a ticket broker. The reality is that without a clear understanding of the market forces at work in the industry - it's easy to lose money fast on tickets that won't sell and can't make a profit.

Thankfully or the past few years (since 2008) The Ticket Broker guide has been helping average people learn how to become ticket brokers.

The author has years of experience, and it comes recommended by WiseGuy of well known presale password site: tmpresale.com

If you're looking for start your own business as a ticket broker, and make money from home I'd highly recommend you consider this book, or something like it. There are many pitalls in the business and buying the wrong event is just one.

I've been told that there will be a full blown training course with videos and a support forum sometime in the new year, what is certain though is that the ticket broker guide has been updated for 2013 and should provide a clear roadmap for newbies looking to get into the business without losing their shirt.

Still, waiting won't put money into your pocket. If you're not sure, consider that there is a 60 day return policy and read some of the customer feedback they've gotten.

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